Quality of construction
Quality of construction

The structures we construct have reinforced concrete structure, while the inner walls and the ceilings between the floors are mostly made of bricks. The partition walls between the flats are made of giter blocks (20cm thick), which improve the quality of sound insulation.

Facade walls are so called ’sandwich walls’, made of bricks (which is foundation), mineral wool (used as insulator from heat and noise) and the final layer is made of artificial rock or facade mortar coloured with acrylic colours of the highest quality.

As far as the inner flat walls are concerned, we have envisaged them as walls made of brick. If the customer wishes, and depending on how much the construction and function allow it we can move and change them. The final treatment of the walls is whitewashing or colouring them in the rooms and the hall, wheras the walls in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are fully covered in tiles. Of course, with the advice of our architect, and in accordance to your wishes we can change the colour patterns and everything else that makes up the final handworks.

Parquetry that we use are first-class, and you can choose the type (oak, jatoba or other). You choose the parquet and its final treatment (colour and varnish).

Sanitary ware that we use to cover floors and walls in the bathrooms is of the highest quality. What makes us different from others is the individual design of every single bathroom in one building. We will listen to all your suggestions and put them into practice.

The windows and doors are your connection with the outer world, with your neighbours, but they are also your protection from external and atmospheric influences, from heat, noise and cold. That is why they are very important to us. The windows we install are of very high quality, made using the contemporary technologies and they are aluminic or PVC.

The inner doors are simple, made of wood.

The entrance door is safety door, so it provides you with safety, security and quiet. We don’t forget its looks either, because it gives one of the first pieces of information about your flat.

We can also mention how the structure’s wiring and heating facilities are installed and of which quality are they are.

The heating is central, with harmonious arrangement of radiators in all parts of the flat. Every flat has its own air-conditioning system, and the placing of the outer unit is decided by our architect, so that the outlook of the façade is not marred. The modern living style and the equipment that follows it require a lot of gadgets (the Internet, TV, cable…), which we have also provided you with. There are enough sockets for them in any room. Every flat has its own interphone connection, cable TV and cable Internet.

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